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Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Navigating the world of weight loss in today’s market is a completely overwhelming task.  Their are a plethora of pills, drinks, shakes, injections and programs to choose from.  So how do you decide which direction to take?

The truth is, any diet is going to work, as long as you take in fewer calories everyday than you burn. But, if it were this cut and dry, wouldn’t anyone who wanted to take off a few pounds be able to do it in no time?

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know it’s just not that easy.  What about the cravings, the emotional turmoil of dealing with change (and likely deprivation), the digestive changes, and maybe even the increased appetite or slow metabolism that caused you to gain weight in the first place?

Chinese herbs and acupuncture are wonderful tools to help you in several different areas of weight loss.  They help with curbing cravings, easing anxiety and depression, improving digestion and metabolism, reducing excess water weight, and balancing the appetite.  However, these tools need a little help along the way; after all, they are not a magic bullet to instant weight loss.

Food is ultimately the key to losing weight…and not just deprivation, but a lifestyle change that is manageable.  Deprivation diets leave you feeling unsatisfied, with mental and physical cravings for those satiating foods we love.  Eventually, a binge results and any weight that was lost is regained and the cycle begins again.

Yo-yo diets are proven not to be effective.  Not only that, they damage the body by slowing the metabolism and draining the adrenals.  These changes leave you feeling tired, sluggish and without vitality. Choosing a diet full of vegetables, low protein and high fiber is a good start to weight loss that lasts.  Then you throw in a series of acupuncture and custom Chinese formulas to help you out, and boom!  You have a formula that will work.  Chinese medicine will help prevent metabolic sluggishness, balance hormones and adrenal function, and reduce food cravings.  Plus, it will reduce the emotional turmoil of trying to lose weight.

Looking for a jump-start to get the ball rolling?  There is nothing more motivating for weight loss than results.  A good way to get a quicker start with your new Chinese medical program is to start with a cleansing detoxification.  This will rid the body of cellular by-product, cleanse the bowel of excess debris, and detoxify the liver and the mind.  By cleansing the body first, the new nutrition and valuable herbs that you put in later will be more fully absorbed and utilized by the body, leaving you feeling light and energized!  There are many different options for detox and your choice of cleanse can be easily implemented into your weight loss program.

So, if you suffer from a slowed metabolism, sluggish digestion and energy, IBS, bloating, heartburn, GERD, hormone imbalance, decreased thyroid function, or just want to drop a few pounds, you may be a good candidate for acupuncture weight loss.

Joanne Douglass is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist who can customize a weight loss program just for you.

Your plan will include:

  1. An evaluation of your current diet and new recommendations based on Chinese Diet Therapy

  2. An evaluation of your current activity program

  3. Examination of several detox programs to help you decide if this is the right approach for you

  4. A series of 10 Acupuncture Sessions

  5. A customized blend of Chinese herbs to correct underlying imbalances that are inhibiting your ability to lose weight

Get started today by calling for a free consultation to discussion your needs!

Joanne Douglass L.Ac, MSOM

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