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Ditch your flu shot & antibiotics, fight colds and flus naturally!

Skip the antibiotics!

Check out Chinese Medicine the

next time you’re sick

and do something nice for your ailing body

How does our body fight invading viruses and bacteria that cause us to be sick?

Once our body identifies an invader as foreign or problematic, it sends white blood cells to the area to fight the possible infection. When everything is working well, our immune system quickly recognizes trouble, sends white blood cells to the area, and the problem is handled before we even realize we were “invaded” or sick.

This process is energy intensive. That is why we feel so tired when we have a cold or the flu. Our body ensures we rest so that no energy is wasted in activity, and all of our precious energy resources can go towards coping with the problem at hand.

Sometimes our immune system malfunctions, and under reacts. One way this can manifest is as chronic colds or the flu. In this case, either our body has trouble recognizing the external pathogens as harmful or it recognizes them but does not have sufficient resources to fight them off. Here our defenses are weak and easily overwhelmed by these foreign pathogens. People in this situation often are sick for extended periods of time.

So how can Chinese Medicine help me fight off colds and flu?

Acupuncture and herbal therapy have been proven to increase white blood cell counts in the body. This broadens the body’s first line of defense and increases the chances of killing off the invader before it can go deeper into the body and cause you to be sick.

What about if you are already sick?

We can still help to move the pathogen through the body quickly, allowing you to have a quicker recovery time.Chinese Medicine can reduce inflammation in the body, helping your hot sore throat and plugged sinuses to feel better.  It activates the lymph system as well, helping you to drain off excess mucus and toxicity. Plus, we can help to alleviate some of your symptoms so you feel better immediately.  Here are some of the symptoms we help resolve:

  1. settle cough

  2. open sinus

  3. relieve body ache

  4. relieve headache

  5. settle nausea and vomitting

  6. stop sore throat

What about the Herbs?  What can they do?

The herbs have powerful antibiotic and antiviral properties,similar to the antibiotics you would get from your doctor–but without the negative impact on your digestive system!  In fact, using herbal therapy will only enhance your health, infusing your cells with countless phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals.  They are also very effective at giving you relief from your symptoms.

And don’t underestimate their effectiveness!  Some of the most powerful pharmaceutical drugs used today come from plants.

So the next time you are coming down with something, get in to see me as soon as possible!  The quicker you can get to treatment, the better chance you will have of feeling better, faster.

And ditch the Flu Shot this year! You don’t need it

Chinese Medicine works as a great preventative agent, too.  You can boost your immune function naturally with acupuncture and herbs.  Flu shots are full of nasty preservatives that harm the body, and have shown little evidence of actually reducing your chances of getting the flu. Give your body the boost it needs–naturally.

This medicine can help you to identify the deficiencies in your bodythat may be allowing your body to be weak and vulnerable to invading pathogens.  Once we have diagnosed your pattern, I can treat you with a customized acupuncture treatment, and prepare you a custom blended herbal formula that will build your body naturally, making it strong and resistant to bacteria and viruses.

Whether you need help now to feel better, or want to be proactive and build a strong immune system for the season, I can help.  Call me today to discuss your case!

Joanne Trujillo L.Ac, MSOM

Highlands Wellness Center 2543 Eliot St


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