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Gluten Sensitivity: Where Did It Come From?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Gluten Sensitivity: Where Did It Come From

Gluten sensitivity or allergy really is more than just a passing health fad, and is affecting a huge percentage of our population; I’ve seen numbers indicate as much as 30-40% of people suffer from some form of gluten sensitivity.

The question is: why? Why is this becoming such an epidemic in our society?

There are many reasons why gluten is becoming problematic. Our primary wheat source consumed today differs greatly from the ancient wheat grains that our ancestors ate. Due to over-hybridization and genetic modification practices, wheat now contains 4 times the amount of gluten it once did. At the same time, it has lost much of the valuable vitamin and mineral nutrition that it once had due to over farming and nutrient deprivation of our soils. So not only does our body fail to understand how to process the huge gluten load, it also does not receive the nutrition that it once did from eating wheat.

Besides being more toxic to the body, today’s gluten containing grains such as wheat, rye, barley and oats were eaten in limited supply by humans in our ancestral lineages. Our Paleolithic ancestors had limited access to grains, and so over the course of thousands of years, consumed very little. Our inherited metabolism has been naturally selected not to process grains and gluten in mass quantity, thus, our bodies today do not understand how to digest and assimilate it.

We must also consider that the over-use of prescribed stomach acid-inhibiting drugs has become commonplace. People who suffer from reflux or GERD have painful esophageal burning from acid. They are given drugs like Prilosec to suppress the acid. The problem with this is, reflux is usually not an issue of too much stomach acid; quite the opposite: it is actually too little acid that is causing the problem. So suppressing the stomach acid even more makes the problem worse in the long run. In addition, it inhibits the digestion of proteins (such as gluten) in the gut. This contributes to more gluten and food sensitivities.

One last point to ponder is the overall toxic load that our bodies must bear in each and every moment. We live in a world where our air, water and food supply are far more polluted than in past history. Processing these toxicities is a huge burden for our livers, our lungs, our skin, our kidneys and our digestive systems. We are not genetically ready for these massive changes in our environment as there has not been sufficient time for our bodies to adapt. Due to the agricultural and industrial revolutions, we have changed our entire way of sustaining life in just a short 200 years. Allergies, asthma, immune dysfunction and many other diseases that were not known a few hundred years ago now plague our societies in alarming numbers.

So, the next question is: Can gluten sensitivity or allergy be treated?


I utilize a system called NAET Allergy Elimination to desensitize your body to gluten and any other food allergy you may have. I use a simple set of tests involving kinetic muscle testing to identify which food components you are reacting to. The most popular culprits are gluten, wheat mix & grain mix. Once we have positively identified our allergens, I eliminate them one per session. The elimination process is simple: I give you a vial to hold containing a sample of the allergen, in this case, lactose. We do a quick and easy treatment on your back addressing your spinal nerves, and then I reinforce our treatment with an acupuncture point protocol.

The overall experience feels great, is deeply relaxing, and best of all…it works. This system works by basically interacting with your nervous system and your brain, our primary messaging body. I like to say we are ‘reprogramming the computer’. When you have sensitivity, your computer has determined that gluten is a dangerous substance and is sending out the message that it is not to be broken down and assimilated into the body. This results in poor digestive function, foggy brain, fatigue and host of other symptoms.

By introducing the presence of gluten (contained within he vial) back into your body’s electromagnetic field by placing it in your hand, and then stimulating your central nervous system while maintaining that contact, we are adjusting the brain’s perception of danger. We are basically telling the nervous system that gluten is non-threatening and should not illicit any negative responses when eaten.

What’s the best part? After a brief 25-hour avoidance period of anything gluten, you can eat it again!

And, this system is totally safe for babies and kids too. If your child does not want the treatment to include any acupuncture, no problem. I have many alternative tools for children that we can use to get the same result that are both comfortable and effective.

If you prefer to get some of your gut function evaluated, or test specifically for gluten sensitivity before you come into the office, you can contact They can provide you with an at-hime kit to collect your samples, and then send them off to be evaluated. You do not need a doctor’s prescription for these tests, and the cost is very reasonable.

Your gut is the root of your entire health and wellbeing, so don’t neglect it! It is your second brain, and your second immune system, you second hormone factory. Give me a call today to discuss your individual case, and find out if Chinese Medicine or NAET Allergy Elimination is right for you.

Yours In Health,

Joanne Trujillo L.Ac MSOM

Highlands Wellness


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