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Stop Smoking with Acupuncture in Denver

Stop Smoking with Acupuncture in Denver

Congratulations! You are now embarking upon a journey to heal your body by breaking the habit…the decision to stop smoking is a powerful statement.

Breaking the Habit With Acupuncture Program

Using acupuncture to quit smoking is a very effective choice and I’m glad you have a chosen a healthy alternative to get you on the right track!

Acupuncture helps to reduce cravings, reduce the stress and anxiety throughout the process, supports your lungs and increases oxygen capacity, and can even alter the taste and smell of your cigarettes so that they are less appealing.

The Breaking the Habit With Acupuncture Program consists of 10 acupuncture and auricular (ear) therapy treatments administered once or twice per week. You will also be provided with helpful handouts and a pre and post-program evaluation to track your progress. And of course, you will have a personal coach (me!) to help you along your journey to being smoke-free! The cost of each treatment is $30.

Here are tips and techniques to help you on your journey

Here are some general guidelines to consider when quitting smoking. You will be using these to in combination with the Breaking the Habit with Acupuncture Program.

Choose some of the methods listed below that will work for you. With the help of these methods, you are sure to increase your chances of success!

Support in Your Life

Quitting smoking is an important decision but you will experience some very unpleasant symptoms along the way. It is absolutely imperative that you have a supporting being who is able to support you, listen to you, and provide you with strength along the way.

Know Your Triggers

Take time to understand the situations, people, places, etc that trigger you to smoke. Write them down, and come up with some possible substitution habits, or a plan of action on how to avoid these.

Boundary Setting

Establish accountability for your decision by telling all of your smoking chronies that you quit. To be successful in quitting, this will likely require you to either ask the smokers in your life to not light up around you , or, leave the situation when others are smoking. The desire to smoke when others are doing it is STRONG. Be ready for these situations and have plan of action ready. Take care of yourself to be strong enough to support your smoke-free journey.

Coffee Is Not Your Friend

Coffee dehydrates your body and causes cravings. There is also often a strong association of coffee with smoking. You need to break this relationship. All ‘drugs’, whether it be nicotine or caffeine, stimulate the same pleasure centers in the brain. To be successful, you need to cut out all pleasure stimulants to this area.

Stay Hydrated

Water helps to curb cravings, cleanse the body, and prevent dehydration (which stimulates cravings). Have a bottle of water with you all day. Estimate how much water you need each day by dividing your body weight in half. This is the number of ounces you need to be drinking everyday.

What to Munch On

You may be scared of gaining weight while breaking the habit. to combat this, be smart about snacking and load your fridge up with crunchy snacks like carrot stick, celery, and other veggies. Carry a baggie of these and a handful of almonds for protein with you when you’re away from home. These will help support you nutritionally and provide the oral stimulation that will replace the cigarette.


Aromas act as a powerful trigger on the brain. Put a few drops on in the morning at your wrists, between the eyes, at the temples, or at the top of the head. Inhale every time you feel a craving coming on, or before your identified trigger moments.

Here are a few scents that can help:

Spearmint (for cravings), Rosemary (for stress & mental stimulation), Marjoram & Eucalyptus (for coughs & act as a natural anti-inflammatory).

Invest Your Time in Meditation

Deep breathing and visualization are a proven technique to relax your body and alter brain patterns so that you can overcome cravings, doubt, fear and anxiety associated with quitting smoking.

Looking for help to Stop Smoking with Acupuncture in Denver?  Call my Denver acupuncture clinic today for Free Consultation.  If you know someone that could use some help, please SHARE this article!

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