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Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder with Acupuncture in Denver

Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder with Acupuncture in Denver

As the weather begins to change, and the kids go back to school, we feel the summer season coming to a close.  The morning brings a slight chill, the nights come on a little sooner, and a quieter, more contemplative time has begun.  As we note these changes happening, you may feel a little blue at the realization that the summer is indeed at an end.

Many people feel a sense of loss, let down and even depression as we move from the bright blazing hot days summer into the cooler, more introspective transition into fall.

So take care and armor yourself against these seasonal blues with Chinese Medicine.  If you are prone to feelings of let down as the seasons’s change, acupuncture can help to balance your moods and hormonal responses to alleviate those feelings and make the transition into winter a smooth journey.

Another great idea to help your mind, body and spirit to embrace change is to do a seasonal cleanse.  This will help the body to flush out the old and invite in the new.  Some ideas for cleansing would be to do a simple food cleanse, with emphasis on eliminating all toxic substances and including lots of steamed root vegetables into your daily diet, as root vegetables are seasonally abundant during the fall transition.  You may also consider a Liver flush, as the Liver can be especially resistant to change and is easily damaged by stress and feelings of depression.

In addition, make sure to request a relaxing massage-like cupping treatment to ease those tight neck and shoulders.

Finally, take a custom prepared herbal formula home with you to not only alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety, but boost your defensive immune system in anticipation of the cold and flu season.

Don’t let the end of summer get the best of you…jump on some acupuncture and herbal therapy and beat the blues!

Do you know someone who suffers as the seasons change?  Please refer them to my Denver acupuncture clinic for a free consultation.

Joanne Trujillo, L.Ac, MSOM

Offering Acupuncture in 2 Convenient Denver Locations:

Highlands Wellness Office

2543 Eliot St Denver CO 80211


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