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Treating Headaches with Acupuncture in Denver

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Treating Headaches with Acupuncture in Denver

Headaches are such a prevalent chronic pain in our society.  Let’s take a look at what causes them, and how they can be treated drug-free

What Is A Headache?

There are four types of headache: vascular, muscle contraction (tension), traction, and inflammatory.

Vascular headaches

migraines in particular, are the most common. Symptoms of a migraine include severe pain on one or both sides of the head, an upset stomach, and possibly disturbed vision, or visible auras.

Other types of vascular headaches are the toxic headache produced by fever and the “cluster” headaches, which cause repeated episodes of intense pain, and headaches resulting from high blood pressure.

Muscle contraction headaches

involve the tightening or tensing of facial and neck muscles.

Traction and inflammatory headaches

may be indicative of other disorders such as stroke or sinus infection. Like other types of pain, headaches can serve as warning signals of more serious disorders. This is particularly true for headaches caused by inflammation, including those related to meningitis as well as those resulting from diseases of the sinuses, spine, neck, ears, and teeth.

What’s the Treatment?

From the Western Perspective…

Drug therapy for migraines is often combined with biofeedback and relaxation training. One of the most commonly used drugs for the relief of migraine symptoms is sumatriptan.

Drugs used to prevent migraine also include:

methysergide maleate–counteracts blood vessel constriction;

propranolol hydrochloride–also reduces the frequency and severity of migraine headaches;

ergotamine tartrate, a vasoconstrictor–helps counteract the painful dilation stage of the headache;

amitriptyline–an antidepressant;

valproic acid–an anticonvulsant; and

verapamil–a calcium channel blocker.

Now the Chinese Medical Perspective…

Headaches are generally a signal that something in the body is out of balance. So my first instinct is not to drown out that cry with painkillers, but to listen to it, and then find out what the root cause of the pain is.

Once I determine what systems are out of balance, I treat the sick organ systems by balancing the pathways. This involves either reducing excesses, or building up deficiencies in the body. This can be accomplished with both acupuncture and herbal therapy.

You will typically experience relief within the first session. As you move through subsequent weekly sessions, your results will last longer and longer each week until a maintenance therapy regimen is achieved. Then you will come for treatment only periodically.

Support therapies include stress reduction, meditation, and elimination of certain foods from the diet. Regular exercise can also reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

Now doesn’t this sound a lot more effective (and pleasant!) than just throwing drugs at the problem and living with the pain for the rest of your life?

If you or someone you know suffers from headaches and are interested in treating headaches with acupuncture in Denver, call Joanne today–or forward this article to a friend in need!

Joanne Douglass, L.Ac, MSOM in 2 Convenient Denver Locations:

Denver Tech Center:  5191 S Yosemite Suite B

Greenwood Village CO 80111

Highlands Northwest Denver:  4928 W 29th Ave

Denver CO 80212


Pure Acupuncture Therapy is a Denver Tech Center & Highlands Acupuncture Clinic servicing Greenwood Village, Highlands, Wheatridge, Northwest Denver, Centennial, Parker, Cherry Hills and South Metro Denver.

Call Joanne, a professional Licensed Acupuncturist, today for a complementary consultation!

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