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Acupuncture Follow Up

Evaluate your progress and proceed with treatment.

  • 1 hour
  • 90 US dollars
  • Nurture Wellness Marketplace

Service Description

Joanne will re-evaluate your progress with you, and then proceed with your treatment plan. Each treatment will be slightly different from the previous one and changes as your body begins to shift and heal. Keep in mind that each treatment builds upon the last, and the healing process is a journey rather than a quick fix solution. Joanne will formulate a custom treatment plan just for you. How Does Acupuncture Work? The classical Chinese explanation for acupuncture’s effectiveness is that it modifies the flow of energy (known as Qi or Chi) as it runs throughout the body in regular patterns knows as channels, or meridians. Envision a river flowing throughout the body, one who’s waters nourish and heal all of our tissues and organ systems. If this river become obstructed in any way by dysfunction from injury or disease, the river becomes blocked and stagnation occurs. This blockage also prevents the tissues down river from becoming nourished, thus rendering them deficient and unable to flourish. The acupuncture needles work by accessing energy at specific acupuncture points to relieve stagnation and reestablish flow. In effect, acupuncture can help organ systems to achieve balance in digestion, absorption, and energy production systems, and to correct circulation imbalances in the meridian pathways as well. Acupuncture also stimulates healing responses from injury and alleviates pain through several different mechanisms.

Cancellation Policy

Please allow 24 hours for any cancellation. If the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of your session, a $40 fee will be applied to your account. For all no-call, no-show appointments, the full fee will be required. Thank you for your consideration!

Contact Details

  • Nurture Wellness Marketplace

    Joanne Trujillo Acupuncture, Federal Boulevard, Denver, CO, USA


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