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Labor Induction 

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Experience a natural approach to labor induction with Joanne's acupuncture and electronic stimulation technique.


Ideal for pregnant women 38+ weeks along, this method is designed to encourage your body to go into labor naturally, without the need for medication or medical intervention. With just 1-3 sessions, booked a few days apart, you'll be well on your way to a safe and comfortable labor.

How Does It Work?


There are several techniques that work, including needling therapy (acupuncture), direct pressure on acupuncture points (acupressure), and electronic stimulation.


To induce labor, Joanne uses a set of points that stimulate the uterus. These points will help establish contractions and promote dilation of the cervix. A low frequency electronic stimulation can be added to the acupuncture needles to deliver consistent stimulation, thus enhancing the overall treatment.


Who Is A Good Candidate For Labor Induction?


A good candidate is any woman who is very close to their estimated due date, or even post-date. You can start inducing labor about oneto two weeks before your due date, or any day past 40 weeks. If you are scheduled for labor induction at the hospital, but would prefer to start labor naturally, you can come in for labor induction with acupuncture before your appointment for a session.


You will be instructed on how to practice acupressure at home on your own and with your partner to increase your opportunity for a successful natural induction.


Contact Joanne to book your appointment today.

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