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Natural healing solutions
for body, mind & soul

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Acupuncture Holistic Practice

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Joanne is a licensed Chinese Medical Practitioner and NAET Allergy Elimination practitioner. As a Colorado licensed acupuncturist, board certified by the NCCAOM, with a B.S. in Human Nutrition from Colorado State University, Joanne has always had an innate resonance with health and healing.


Her dedication to being an effective and compassionate healer is rooted in a deep appreciation for healing and natural medicine.  Her approach to diagnosis and treatment is to evaluate each individual holistically on a variety of planes, including the physical, emotional, and psychological levels.

Joanne's areas of special interest include Allergy Elimination with NAET, microneedling with ProCell for the face, pain management, and women's health concerns. 


Each treatment is administered with the utmost respect for each patient, emphasizing a painless needle technique that ensures an overall comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Joanne is a Colorado native and is passionate about all that  Colorado has to offer. She loves snowboarding, biking, rollerskating in the park, margaritas on the patio, live music, and traveling the world. In her free time, you can find Joanne spending time with her husband, son and their two dogs, or enjoying life with family and friends.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Acupuncture Denver
acupuncture denver

Acupuncture works by accessing energy at specific points to relieve stagnation and establish balance. This assists the organ systems to achieve balance in digestion, absorption, energy production systems, and chemical messenging centers, and helps to correct circulation imbalances in the meridian pathways as well. Acupuncture also stimulates healing responses from injury and alleviates pain. 

NAET denver

NAET is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive treatment to relieve allergies/sensitivites to food & the environment to alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms, digestive dysfunction, addiction, anxiety, depression and many other disorders. Practitioners use a combination of programmed vials, muscle testing and acupuncture to diagnose and treat your sensitivities

Microneedling Denver
Cupping Denver

Microneedling is a collagen induction system utilizing the patented Procell channeling device.  The device uses a stamping technique to create thousands of microchannels on the skin. A high quality serum containing bone marrow-derived growth factors are applied throughout your session to stimulate new collagen formation. Over time, the repeated healing process improves the skin thickness, texture, line depth and length, sagginess, and overall appearance. 


Cupping promotes blood circulation within the targeted tissues to release toxins, lactic acid, and old blood that congests the soft tissue.  It activates the lymph system, clears away the cellular debris, and opens the tissue up for further healing. It is an excellent therapy to relieve muscle tension and pain. 



Inside Nurture Wellness 

2949 N Federal Blvd

Denver CO 80212

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Joanne consistently delivers results! She listens to my challenges, issues and wish list and implements treatment plans that work. I so very highly recommend Joanne to anyone looking for allergy, fatigue, gastric and so many other annoying symptoms. She provides the options and treatment plans and works to get the results.

I could never thank Joanne enough for what she's done for me. She's reliable, honest, very professional and she will take care of any illnesses that you might have.
Thanks to her a few years ago I had sprained my ankle so badly that I wasn't able to walk or run for almost a year, I went in for my first treatment and just like a miracle the next day I was able to enjoy walking and running without any pain at all since then.
I would strongly recommend her as your acupuncturist without any doubt.

I've gone to see Joanne for acupuncture and cupping, which has always alleviated pain and tightness for me. I saw her throughout my pregnancy and it gave me huge relief. I just saw her for microneedling on my face for the first time. You can clearly see a difference after the first day. My skin feels smoother and my acne scaring is lighter. Will definitely return in a month for a followup treatment.

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